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Jul 02, 2023

Michael Gorelik

Owning 6 vehicles and helping 4 other family members qualifies me as a verified buyer. 3 of my six are sitting in my driveway and 3 , I sold for about what I paid for them after driving them for a couple years. Other family members are still enjoying their purchases. What is a rebuilt title ? To me there’s no difference as long as the vehicle has been repaired . It’s the insurance company that decides to repair or cut their loss . Buying a newer low mileage car that’s been repaired is why I shop at Geneva Auto Sales.

Jan 20, 2023

Jessica Jacobi

I have bought 2 cars from Geneva auto sales Inc. This is a great place to find an affordable car. I would recommend this place to all my family and friends. Thank you for providing me with 2 very nice vehicles that are safe and affordable ??

Dec 12, 2022

Savannah Wilburn

Highly recommended !! I’ve only had one issue with the car and it was the ac, I called them. They fixed it for free, I’ve never had an issue sense 3 years later. Absolutely love my car !

Oct 09, 2022

Josh Weigand

We needed an extra car for kids to drive and of course were looking at the worst time to buy a car, during the pandemic. We were encouraged by all of the positive reviews from Geneva Auto Sales. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was and how good of a job the car we bought was repaired like new. We did have one computer issue with the car about a month after purchasing the car but the owner stood by the repair work and fixed the car without any pushback. We've had the car for 6 months and would encourage using Geneva Auto Sales. Thanks!

Jun 19, 2022


I bought a 2018 Focus ST from them a few years ago. The process was really smooth and any issues with the car I brought up were resolved before driving it home. The car hasn't had any issues and I'll always buy rebuilt after this experience. The only reason for the 4 stars is that the front end they used was for the 2014 ST, not 2018. I only found this out a year later when replacing the headlights. The paint on the hood has fish eyes and orange peel, some of the paint has chipped off and is now rusting. All in all the car looks fine from a short distance, but the body work quality was lacking. Overall, this was a great purchase and the car was mechanically sound which is really all I care about. 2 years later I still don't regret my purchase!!

May 21, 2022

Desmond Smith

Rick was very professional throughout the entire process, and nice to chat with. 100% recommended.

May 13, 2022


3/11/22 -I'm from IL and just purchased a 2018 Ford Focus for my son at an amazing price, well below blue book. It looks and drives like a new car! Rick at Geneva Auto Sales was great at communicating with me. He is genuine, straightforward, and explains the process really well. Their prices are very good. Yes, they have rebuilt titles, but all of their cars are inspected before they prepare them for sale. And yes, they let you test drive the car before buying and even encourage you to take it to a local mechanic for your own inspection. How wonderful! Over the years, I have bought many cars from big dealerships, but never have I had a dealership be so transparent about how they do business. Rick is knowledgeable and great at what he does. The customer service is more than I could have ever expected. The buying process is easy. No haggling. No deceptive practices. Like I said, straightforward. Rick explained to me that their reputation means a lot, and its obvious by their commitment to offer quality vehicles sold at good prices, along with the willingness to offer after care assistance should you need it. If you've ever purchased from a dealer before, be prepared to be 'wowed' by how easy Geneva Auto Sales can make it. Test drove the car and liked it. Already had my own financing prepared. Signed the sales contract. Handed over the check. Was immediately handed a printed temporary plate for the back window, and I was out the door. I look forward to buying from Geneva Auto Sales again. Buying a car should be exciting, and I can say after working with Rick, it was indeed! Check out their website. They're constantly updating their inventory. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. But don't be surprised, if you find yourself driving away in what feels like a new car!

Jan 26, 2022

Erin Bungert

Bought a 2017 Chevy equinox with 40,000 miles on it like brand new Had it all financed and paid by the bank in less than one week was a great price as well. I would recommend this place for used cars with low miles

Jan 14, 2022

Kylie High

I bought my first car here from Rick and I LOVED it. I, unfortunately, got into an accident and totaled my car, so in search for a new car, I went back to Rick's after searching for a specific car. As I pulled in, low and behold, the car I had been wanting was sitting right there waiting for me. It had some repairs left that he was working on and he worked on my car as much as he could. He put me at the top of his list all throughout the busy Christmas and New Year season. Then after I had gotten this car, the engine light came on. I called Rick and he took it back to fix it with no questions asked. Ordered a new part, fixed it up, and got back to me within a weekend. Now, my car is running beautifully and there have been no more issues. I will continue sending potential customers his way!

Dec 05, 2021

Sarah Ramsey

I bought my Ford Focus here a few years ago after two friends also bought their cars from Rick. Rick was friendly and professional, you can put a 100$ deposit down to hold the car you want while you get approved for your car and it gets taken off the overall amount. I love my car, and I recommend everybody get their cars from Geneva Auto Sales, I really don’t think there’s anywhere that can get you in a newer model low mileage that Rick does.

Sep 23, 2021


Purchased '15 Nissan w 22k miles 7-1-21. Very clean, smells new, and no problems. Normal used cars so dont expect new looking. Rick was best exp ever and zero pressure. Gives details, shows before pics if car is done, or you can look at actual cars if you can then wait for the fix, then gives great low price he can accept. They only fix low damage cars. He sells ext warranty at DEALER COST!(bumper to bumper saved 2k+ off retail) ADDS 125k miles or 7 yrs.. Amazing. With large warranty savings i felt no reason to bargain. He stayed late for us and we will buy again in future. Thanks.

Sep 19, 2021

Mary Rose Winters

>RICK IS A GOOD PERSON TO BUY A CAR FROM >GENEVA AUTO IS A RELIABLE PLACE TO BUY CARS FROM. Purchased a 2014 Ford focus in April 2021. About 13k miles on the car, paid about $7k. As of mid-sept 2021 car is still running perfectly, has not had any issues. Rick worked with me to help me find a car that was appropriate for me, searched inventory for cars within the parameters I set (including price!). Most importantly he treated me like a human being, not a young lady looking to buy a car on her own for the first time. He didn't treat me like prey, or like I didn't know anything.

Sep 07, 2021

Larry Thacker

This place is awesome !!! Rick is honest,and more than fair. I am looking at my 2nd car from Geneva.

Aug 10, 2021

Timothy Ross

I bought a 2015 Jeep Patriot at a great price for my son at college. The Jeep was barely driven for 2 months since my son was still away. When he got back and we were going through a hot spell, the AC stopped working. I took it to a local garage and they wanted $1500 to fix. I took a chance and called Rick and he said bring it back and fixed it for free. Not only great prices but great service

Jul 07, 2021

Michael Thomas

Purchased a 2015 Buick in Aug. 2019 for my parents. Drove to Ohio and it ran perfectly!!! Smooth and comfortable. No issues after 6 months. No pressure sales!! My parents are very happy with the car. They even replaced the bent rim and bad tire before I picked it up. 2yr update Car still runs great, my parents love it!

Jun 30, 2021

Figard Fam

Great experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and quick turn around. Would definitely buy another car from them!

Jun 24, 2021

You Tube

Great service and the cars are very nice and affordable

Jun 09, 2021

Elizabeth Cooper

I'm extremely grateful for the amount of kindness and integrity that was shown to me here. I was able to get such an amazing deal I couldn't be happier with my Ford Focus. I will continue to recommend geneva auto sales for their work, great prices and quality of vehicles. Thanks Rick.

May 11, 2021

Joni L

They are an amazing company. I had an issue with my car and Rick asked me to bring it in, no questions asked and they fixed it in 20min free of charge. I would recommend them to everyone and would definitely do business with them again ??????????

Apr 24, 2021

ashley linville

Just bought a vehicle here. The owner is very nice, explains the whole car process with the rebuilt title. I am very please with the purchase I just made!

Apr 17, 2021

Davin Kinne

Awesome service, pet friendly and the people are so polite. Well worth coming and visiting these people!

Apr 10, 2021

Brianna Guyer

I contacted Rick on a Monday in regards to a Nissan Sentra he had available. He was very up front about the car having a rebuilt title. Because I live about two hours away from Geneva Auto Sales he stayed in contact with me via email throughout the week regarding the vehicle and when I went to test drive it on Friday he had it ready, he was even doing one final repair to the exhaust when I came in to see it. He showed us photos of the vehicle from the accident before we test drove it and after driving it, the car felt safe and sound. I am very happy with the purchase that I made here and will absolutely be returning when I need another vehicle.

Feb 25, 2021

Alexa Feela

I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus from Geneva Auto Sales in September. When I was driving it back, the check engine light turned on. I couldn't turn around to bring the car back, as the shop was closed. The next day I got in contact with Rick who sent someone out ASAP to pick my car up from me (about 1.5 hours away) and bring it back into the shop. After replacing a few minor things, they brought it back to me. The check engine light came on again the next day, and Rick sent someone out again to pick my car up and repair it then send it back. Although very stressful at the time, I've now had the car for 5 months with no further issues. I do recommend Geneva Auto Sales for an affordable used car!

Jan 30, 2021

Dorothy Dummann

I bought a 2015 Subaru Impreza 4Dr Sedan with only 5,000 miles on it. I just love my new car. This is a great place to check out if you’re looking for a used vehicle at a great price. Don’t go from car dealer to car dealer check GENEVA AUTO SALES first. You won’t find a better car at a better price anywhere else.

Jan 25, 2021

Mike Schroedl

Very happy with the price an quality of the Ford Focus we purchased. Also the knowledge & no pressure experience.

Jan 23, 2021

Sarah Somerville

I just got a 2015 Buick Encore AWD! I absolutely love it! Best price I’ve found in 3 months, with the least miles, and one year newer! Rick is a straight forward guy, with a great attitude! Will definitely be buying from him again!

Jan 06, 2021

Chris Ganzow

Got my 2015 Chevy Equinox last month. Very knowledgeable little dealership that sells very good vehicles. I recommend it.

Nov 14, 2020

Don Tyler

Great people who take pride in providing you a great product.

Sep 04, 2020

Ian Rybarik

Bought a 2018 Ford Focus ST from here and it could not have went any smoother. Rick made the process very easy and comfortable by being honest and straightforward. He was even nice enough to let me go into the shop to see the process that the cars go through and showed me pictures of the car before they repaired it. I have been driving the car for a little more than a week now and everything is running as it should be. Do not let the rebuilt title deter you from buying a car here, it is clear that they have very talented people putting these cars back together, they might as well be rolling right off of the assembly line...you wouldn't be able to tell the difference! If there was an option to put down a six star review I most definitely would.

Aug 30, 2020

Tom Mor

I got a 2018 Ford Focus from here and I'm very happy with how it turned out. When I first visited they had taken me back to the repairs area and showed me what would soon be my car. At the time it was still totaled in the front, but when I got it roughly 2 weeks later, it looked like brand new. About a week of driving the car, the front left headlight went out, which was unfortunate, but I emailed Rick from G.A.S, and he let me come back and they replaced it for free. They do some good work here.

Jul 30, 2020

Mary Wagner

I've had my Chevorlet Equinox for a couple months now and its absolutely amazing! The staff was so friendly and helpful in my process of buying the car. The car runs great and was clean when I bought it. I highly recommend going to this business when you are in your own process of buying a car!

Jul 16, 2020

Jesi Jerde

My pops purchased this vehicle for mi madre and although I only tagged along to drive his car back home my dad said it was an amazingly easy going deal. I met the sales man though I didn't catch his name. He answered all my dads questions and kept him engaged without being pushy. For a rainy day it was a nice experience and way to spend my afternoon. Pleasant place, great prices and nice staff.

Jun 09, 2020

Victoria B

Really fantastic service all around. These are rebuilt title vehicles but they are fixed to be in tip top shape and are priced perfectly to match. Bought a 2017 Ford Focus about a month ago and are very happy with our choice and the quality vehicle we got for the price we paid! No haggle, straight forward guys manage the shop. If you have questions they will walk you through everything. We will definitely be back for our next vehicle!

May 13, 2020

Jen Okon

Very pleased with our vehicle purchase. Everything is as they said it was. Saved a lot of money and friendly to deal with. Will be back in future for sure!! Thanks guys!!!

May 04, 2020

Austin Vine

Purchased my 2013 Chevy Equinox from here. 10/10 professionalism and quality. Very easy to work with and honest. Personally do recommend.

Apr 18, 2020

Brandy Valdez

Purchased a 2012 Hyundai Sonata with only 32000 miles on it, and needless to say it is an amazing vehicle at an amazing deal. Drives like a brand new vehical! I love my purchase and will always mention Geneva Auto Sales when people are looking for a car. They always have great deals on amazing cars, I've heard nothing but great things word of mouth, gave them a shot and was not disappointed!

Apr 16, 2020

Martin Gonzalez

Bought a Ford Focus from this place and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Great car, low mileage and a great price. Would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Mar 13, 2020

Kim Salzman

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical when I first arrived at this lot. It’s not a traditional dealer in many ways including the rural location. I was pleasantly surprised when we were able to look around uninterrupted until we were ready and approached them to request a test drive. The staff is friendly but not at all pushy, very laid back approach and honest, explaining to us exactly why the deals were so good and as much about the history of the different cars as they knew. They showed us photos of the cars as they came to them, and then explained what repairs if any were done. Very knowledgeable about the cars they specialize in and very fair. We had called to see about holding a car and when I was on hold trying to leave a deposit, someone else was inquiring about driving our car and I heard them tell the customer that they just took a deposit. They didn’t even realize I heard all of this. This car was for my 19 year old daughter who was leery about used cars as she was driving a used car that was not in good shape and had broken down on her multiple times leaving her stranded I really wanted her to find her a safe reliable car and I feel very good about buying this car from this dealer I never thought I’d buy a car with a rebuilt salvage title but they took the time to educate us and I feel very confident that we got a good car and a great deal.

Mar 05, 2020

Jasmin Guzman

Came from 2 hours away to find a car from here it was quick and fast ! I’m happy with my car I purchased from here it has low miles and a reliable car for me and my kids to get around in I love it

Mar 03, 2020

Amber Drummond

Cars go fast but great deals!

Feb 22, 2020

Rachell Brueggemann

Rick and Dave are wonderful very helpful and great customer service cars are in great condition and very reasonable priced

Feb 20, 2020

Savannah Hammond

Just purchased a fabulous vehicle from Dave and Rick yesterday. They were awesome to work with!! Thank you so much!

Feb 19, 2020

Abby Powell

Bought a Ford Focus from here and runs great! Great deals and prices of cars are super reasonable. Staff is very honest and helpful. Smooth buying process. Highly recommend!

Jan 29, 2020

Jamie Cook

Rick and Dave made purchasing the right car for our daughter painless and the price was great!!! I highly recommend going to see them first if you are in the market for a used car. Their prices can't be matched and the quality is top notch!!! I recommend them to anyone I know looking for a car!!!

Jan 25, 2020

Ryan White

We purchased a vehicle (Charlie) in November for my college aged daughter. She didn’t have parking available at school till January so she left Charlie home. It really wasn’t driven until she came home for break in late December. She noticed a small issue so we brought Charlie back in mid January. They took care of the issue that day. Dave was very friendly and fun to talk to while we waited. Thanks Dave and Rick we will be recommending you to others.

Jan 13, 2020

Amy Mrozinski

I was in a time crunch to find a reliable car for my daughter over Winter Break. Luckily, we found "Lizzy", a pretty, blue, 2014 Ford Fiesta, at Geneva Auto Sales. Rick, the owner of Geneva Auto, was straightforward and genuine. He answered all of our questions and made sure Lizzy was in tip-top shape before we picked her up. Geneva Auto Sales is worth the drive! Check them out!

Jan 07, 2020


If you want a newer car that was damaged by minor crash this place sells used cars. I got a scion xb 2012 for 6999.00 with only 45000 miles on it great car and deal. Went back and got my wife a 2015 chevy sonic with 21000 miles on it for 5999.00 she loves it. Would highly recommend this rebuilt title's not salvage. Also know your cars if you buy a kia you are buying garbage .this a great place to buy but make sure you buy a toyota or Hyundai anything else yer rolling the dice

Jan 01, 2020

Gary B

I purchased a car from Geneva Auto Sales and happy to report all aspects of my experiences were positive. I had the opportunity to work directly with Rick who was very professional, knowledgeable and answered any and all questions before, during and after the sale. I look forward to the possibility of working with Rick and his team again if an opportunity comes along. Thanks Rick, wishing Geneva Auto Sales continued success in 2020!

Dec 26, 2019

Jennette Marckese

Purchased a 2017 Ford Focus about a week ago. Very happy with the quality of the rebuilt car and the service we received. A small operation, they don’t have a ton of staff to handle many customers at the same time. But they paid appropriate attention to us and answers our questions and even addressed an issue we felt during the test drive within an hour. All in all a very good experience, solid car, reasonable price. Recommend you check them out in your in the market for a reasonably priced used car.

Dec 26, 2019

Al Zink

Great experience. Fast service, great people and excellent prices. Would highly recommend buying a car from!